Current 2012 year total of bird species:

211 (most recent addition: Dickcissel, June 2 2012)

Life bird total:

470 (most recent edition: Black Rail, June 2 2012)

2012 Black Bear count:


Monday, April 21, 2014

Help Keep Wildlife Wild!

I have been enjoying watching the Bears in the last week, my first Bear sightings of the year since they have emerged from their winter dens.  I came across a Bear today that was at the edge of a Picnic Area, and potentially in trouble because of some naughty picnickers, had my mom and I not gone to the rescue.  If you are going to be in Bear Habitat this summer (or even if you're not!), please feel free to check out a photo of my Bear sighting today and a description about how to Help Keep Wildlife Wild while in their habitat!