Current 2012 year total of bird species:

211 (most recent addition: Dickcissel, June 2 2012)

Life bird total:

470 (most recent edition: Black Rail, June 2 2012)

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How plans change

This morning my mom and I had planed to go on a bird walk..but PLANS CHANGE.  We woke up and I checked my emails to find that my friend, who's birthday was today was going to be at Shenandoah National Park for wildlife photography.  I wanted to get to the park myself, so my mom and I were off to the national park to look for Black Bears & our friend.  We found the former first, an apparent adult female bear.  She gave wonderful looks before wandering off into the woods.  Thank you special bear!  We then did find our birthday friend and spent time with him and treated him to a birthday breakfast.  Happy birthday, buddy!

That about raps it up for now.  Tomorrow should be a more-or-less so-so day but Friday I'm off to Shenandoah National Park with my dad and Saturday I'm birding with a friend.  Next week I go camping.  Stay tuned!


  1. I hope Virginia birding is going great, your blog is awesome! I haven't been posting recently :( but I will soon.
    We are going to Deleware for a few days in June (the 4th, and 5th) Any suggestions? Good luck finding great birds!

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  2. Thanks Skyler! I haven't got around to posting for a while, but all is good here. Hope to do a post tomorrow.

    Delaware, that's wonderful! I hope you get lots of birds. No real suggestions (I haven't birded Delaware much, and when I did it was winter so different birds). There is a Sabine's Gull being reported in Delaware now, it may still be around when you are in Delaware. Details about it are on the Delaware Birds listserv.